Stories from the Eating Disorder community

We are continually inspired by the powerful stories of individuals who have overcome eating disorders and of those who have chosen to join us in the fight against eating disorders. If you have a story to share, we invite you to contact us.

Shared Stories

  • Anita, Parent of recovered daughter
  • Laurel, Parent Support Group member with daughter in recovery 
  • C, Friend of Silver Linings Foundation, In recovery 
  • Chelsey, Friend of Silver Linings Foundation, Recovered age 24
  • Dawn, age 26
  • Maddie Quinlan, In Recovery


Shared Artwork

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Tree of Life
Sarah, a 22 year-old in recovery.

Don't Listen to the Octopus

Eating disorders are mental illnesses and are often misunderstood. They are like a separate entity trying to convince you not to eat. Let's take the power away from the octopi and put it into your own hands.