Feedback from Clients

At Calgary Silver Linings' support groups, we make every effort to provide the best knowledge and support to help individuals and families affected by eating disorders. Here is a selection of the feedback we received from our support group meetings.

If you have participated in our support groups, we invite you to contact us.

I learned how to deal with the challenges with eating disorders. The knowledge was so valuable. Thank you so much. Everything was so welcomed.
[It was so valuable] hearing other parents’ situations and getting advice from facilitators.
The sessions positively impacted my life and gave... an outlet for emotions/thoughts, sharing the struggle.
Great facilitators!
Brought us peace, something to do for us, not being alone, safe place to fall.
I finally got it! The connection between the manifestations of symptoms and the dysregulation. Also, the knowledge that the real problem is not what’s in front of me.
Made me realize I need to persevere in helping my child recover.