Our History

Founded in the spring of 2014 by concerned parents and community members, Cendrine Tremblay, Lakshmi Krishnan, Anita Simon and Brad Pierce, Calgary Silver Linings Foundation builds awareness for eating disorders in Alberta and advances the development of urgently needed treatment programs and services.

In all aspects of Calgary Silver Linings Foundation, we are committed to supporting and empowering individuals impacted by eating disorders. We are parents and friends who know the fear of living with a loved one suffering from an eating disorder. We know that eating disorders are not a choice but rather, serious illnesses that deserve serious attention. We know that recovery is possible, and are here to support the eating disorder community get the care they need and deserve.

Recovery is possible. We have seen it, been through it, and wish to help others attain it. We are passionate and committed to enhance and expand the support of eating disorders in Alberta so that you may more easily achieve recovery.

Our Aim

To break the silence, isolation and pain of eating disorders and bring hope and support to those touched by them. To give voice and strength to the community we serve and join our efforts to save lives and restore personal and family foundations.

Our Foundation

The charitable foundation was created to engage Albertans on issues pertaining to the increased incidence of eating disorders, their serious impact on health and well-being and to support those afflicted with eating disorders as well as their family, friends and loved ones. We actively promote collaborative efforts between communities, health authorities, health professionals and funding agencies to bring about positive change for improved access and the expanded care of eating disorders in Alberta.

The Need

We know that eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of ANY mental illness, including depression, and are one of the leading causes of death from mental illness among young people with 1 in 5 affected dying from the illness or its complications. We are very concerned that only 1 in 10 men and women with eating disorders receive treatment and that only 35% of people that receive treatment for eating disorders get treatment at a specialized facility for eating disorders.  This knowledge coupled with excessive, overburdened hospital admission times, families seeking residential care outside of the Province and Canada along with the rising incidence of eating disorders in young men and women require urgent attention and action.

Most of us know someone, or have heard of someone, who has struggled with an eating disorder. Yet few understand the devastating, broad impact they have on those struggling with them and their loved ones. The financial costs to individuals and families with eating disorders are overwhelming and the emotional tolls are devastating. We believe that together, much can be done to improve the programs and services for eating disorders in Alberta.

With the passion only those touched by this illness can know, the Calgary Silver Linings Foundation formed to assess and address the needs of eating disorders in Alberta and to expand and enhance the continuum of care available for them.


Our Work

Silver Linings activities and goals are aligned with community needs. Specifically, the foundation will aim to provide the following, with community and health professional support: 

  1. Residential rehabilitation treatment centre
  2. Increase awareness and understanding of eating disorders
  3. Community support groups for family and friends and those with eating disorders
  4. Enhance physician/primary care education on diagnosis and management of eating disorders