Support Group for Eating Disorders

Calgary Silver Linings Foundation is offering a support group for those struggling with eating disorders: Reactions to Trauma.

This 8-week support group offers individuals (18 years and above) an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of their struggles, share their experiences, challenges and successes with each other in a safe and structured environment.

This group will help participants to:

  • Develop a mindset that recovery is possible
  • Psycho-education regarding common reactions to trauma
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your window of tolerance
  • Expand your ability to ask for help
  • Understand the impact of trauma on relationships in the here and now
  • This group is open to all the different types of eating disorders. It is not our goal to discuss particular eating disorder behaviours. 

Trauma refers to any experience that creates stress that is greater than a person's system can cope with, at that given moment. The experience of trauma is, therefore, subjective. What is traumatic to one person may not be to another. Psychological trauma also has a physiological response. 

How can I tell if there has been trauma in my life? Some of the symptoms that tell us about the presence of trauma in our lives include:

  • substance dependence and abuse,
  • personality disorders (especially borderline personality disorder),
  • depression,
  • anxiety (including post traumatic stress disorder),
  • dissociative disorders, and
  • eating disorders, to name a few.

The good news is that we do not have to live with the experience of trauma all our lives. With help, we can learn to recognize our triggers and cope effectively with our lives.

This support group is not therapy and is not substitute for treatment.


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Group size:

Jenn Corbiell
Registered Social Worker

Starts Monday, April 23, 2018.

6:00PM - 7:30PM

Living Spirit United Church

629 49 Ave SW, Calgary AB
T2S 1G6

$100 / participant (new reduced price!)

10 to 12 participants. 

Participants must be 18 years old or older


Jenn Corbiell, MSW, RSW, CSAT  

Jenn Corbiell has a Masters of Clinical Social Work and works both in Private Practice and for Alberta Health Services in an outpatient addiction and mental health setting. Her practice interests include the treatment of trauma, addiction, and life transitions. Her special interest in the treatment of trauma and PTSD has led to the completion of training in Havening, Somatic Processing, Prolonged Exposure Therapy and Advanced applications of EMDR. 

Registration Fee
There is a minimal registration fee of $100 for 8 sessions. Fees cover a portion of the cost of the group to the foundation (therapist, space rental, etc.) and is meant to make the offering of our programs sustainable over time.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation 15 days prior to the start of the group is eligible for a full refund. Within 15 days of the start of the group, we do not offer a refund for cancelling.

In the event that the group is full, please email us at to be placed on the waitlist. If we have enough registrants for another group, we will contact you by email to register.